Friday, August 2, 2013

Wizard101 Post - Guide to Mount Olympus

Okay so First you talk to Cyrus Drake in the Myth School then to Romulus in Cyclops lane, then the the dog in the library after that you head back ect. to cut to the chase once you complete the quests to get to Aquila  Mount Olympus is your first challenge! All of it is pretty straight forward but the Puzzle can be pretty tricky. Also I'll be showing where the pick-up items are in Mount Olympus first up is Apollo's Banner..

Sun Room
After you talk to Athena she has you go right into the Sun Room Which is where Apollo BrightOne is. After Defeating Apollo "Banner of Apollo is on the right side of the room the second one from the door you came in.

Where the Arrow points in the  picture above go up to that Zeus Statue and click X for a Grand Zeus Statue.

Moving on with the dungeon.. So now need to get a key to get to Zeus! (read the dialog in the pictures below.)

                                  Aquilian Puzzle  1

Okay, so the object of this puzzle is to complete this puzzle by whatever blue statue comes forth you have to press x on one of yours that can defeat it. In the picture first up must be the Minotaur statue.

in the banner it has a picture of a Elephant throwing off a minotaur of a boat  so Minotaurs are weak against  Elephants.

Next up looks like the Snake Archer statue.

Looks like the Snake Archer is weak against Minotaur's so the Minotaur is next you press "X" on.

Finally, its the Elephant Statue.

The Elephant Statue is weak against the Snake Archer as seen on the tapestry.

You don't need to worry about the Statue Gladiator Dimachaerus or the Statue Hades the Unseen.
The punishment of chosing the wrong ones you need to fight the Snake archer, Minotaur, and the Elephant unless you  took out one then its the other to you fight if you failed Make sense?

But In other words..

Minotaur's  are weak against  Elephants.

 Snake Archer's are weak against Minotaur's

 Elephants are weak against Snake Archer's

(hope that makes sense, I tried to keep it simple as possible.)

Note: the quest for the Bronze Eagles they are all over the place one is near the door you came in to start the dungeon, one in the sun room where you fought Apollo and one near the room you came out of from getting the quest for the Bronze Eagles. 

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